About Us

The Soil and Water District was founded to provide education and service to preserve our natural resources and maintain our agriculture community.


                                      Andy Hawley, Chairman 

                                 Steve Eden, Vice-Chairman

                                      Nicole Haas, Secretary/Treasurer 

                                        Bill Holland, Director

                                         Beth Baranski, Director

District Employees:

Mindy Pratt- Administrative Coordinator

Associate Director:

William Tonne


           The Jo Daviess Soil and Water Conservation District continues to administer cost-share programs for the Illinois Department of Agriculture.  Practices available through the state cost-share programs include: abandoned well-sealing, contour buffer strips, contour farming, contour strip-cropping, cover crops, critical area planting, diversions, field border strips, filter strips, grade stabilization structures, grassed waterways, nutrient management, pasture and hayland planting, stream stabilization, strip-tillage, terraces, and water and sediment control basins.  In Calendar Year 2011, eleven local landowners were paid approximately $60,000 in cost-share for saving over 800 tons of soil annually and sealing sealing well.  For cost-share applications or questions, please contact the Jo Daviess county SWCD office.

     The Jo Daviess County SWCD also continues to provide natural resources education and fee-based services to the public or other governing bodies.  Currently, the Jo Daviess County SWCD provides consulting services to Apple Canyon Lake Property Owners Association, Jo-Carroll Energy, and private landowners who request a Natural Resources Inventory Report for a proposed zoning change in Jo Daviess County.